WATCH: Wildlife park animals find fun ways to cool off during heatwave


Staying cool is a struggle for all of us in hot weather, but none of us will look as cute and lovable as the animals at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Stunning images taken by award-winning Oxfordshire photographer Philip Joyce captured a variety of park animals enjoying various enrichment activities designed to make the high temperatures a little more bearable.

The park’s oldest resident, George the giant tortoise, got a shower, lesser anteaters got to poke their long noses into watermelons, wolverines investigating a block of blood ice, a pair of emus enjoyed a spell under a sprinkler and a red-bellied lemur was treated to frozen smoothies.

Chris Kibbey, assistant animal manager at the Cotswold Wildlife Park & ​​Gardens, said: “With a heatwave forecast it is important that animals have access to shade and water at all times. This is also a good opportunity for keepers to use their enrichment skills to ensure all animals could refresh themselves in new ways.”

Cotswold Wildlife Park is one of the UK’s largest zoological collections, with over 1,500 animals from 250 different species spread over 160 acres of beautiful parkland with plenty of space to enjoy nature.

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