West Midlands Safari Park animals get into the Halloween spirit


See how the Sumatran tiger, meerkat pups and more get into the Halloween mood

Animals at a UK safari park have gotten into the Halloween spirit after being given treat-filled pumpkins by keepers.

staff at West Midlands Safari Park have used surplus pumpkins this week to enrich creatures large and small at the Bewdley, Worcestershire attraction.

The keepers hollow out the pumpkins then hide delicious treats inside – like insects for the meerkats, leafy branches for the giraffes and meat for the tigers. The photos show a hungry Sumatran tiger tearing up the snack while wary giraffes and meerkat pups more timidly explore their new food.

Chief Carnivore Warden Chris Hodgkins said: “It’s great to see so many different animal species enjoying pumpkins. Each year, the park’s events team orders thousands of pumpkins and to ensure that any surplus is not wasted, the keepers donate them to the various animals in their care.

“It’s nice to be able to give them something a little different and to match the time of year. Pumpkins are great because they have a special smell, can be hollowed out to fill them with treats and some of our pets love the taste of it.

“We love seeing the animals playing and showing natural behaviors, searching for the treats inside, but it’s also nice to see them rolling a pumpkin and eventually destroying it. Our sixteen-year-old Sumatran tigress, Hujan, even tracked down the pumpkins, before jumping on them.”


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