What are the most dangerous animals in Argentina


Argentina is a country that has it all: a culture that arouses curiosity, natural landscapes that make you fall in love from the first moment and a wide variety of animal species.

Although the excitement of knowing every corner of the country can lead to mistakes that can cost your life. And it is that many areas of Argentina are not supervised or are difficult for curious tourists to take care of, and have dangerous animals which are not friendly.

This is why we offer you a list of dangerous animals of Argentina, so that you pay attention and stay away from them.


Jaguars are fast and impressive felines and are capable of hitting any prey they set themselves as a target. Its claws are sharp enough to tear easily using its powerful jaw. Be careful not to get distracted, because if the animal is hunting it can go for anyone who crosses its path.


They are better known as vipers of the cross, these snakes, about two meters long, are very poisonous. They are not aggressive, but their bite penetrates you with a poison that causes pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, seizures, and massive bleeding.

If you are careful nothing should happen, but if they feel threatened they attack without thinking.


This spider is known to commit an act of cannibalism after mating with the male. With a tiny size of just 1.5 inches depending on the species, this powerful animal stings with its fangs, releasing a poison that first burns and hurts, but can then paralyze the nervous system.

The extremely bad thing? He hides in houses. Although, for a bit of peace of mind, she only attacks when she feels threatened.


They are called rattlesnakes because of the sound they make from their tails. With a length of 2 meters, they have great agility to attack if they feel they are invading their ground.

If this happens, it sinks its fangs, releasing a venom that can cause dizziness and internal bleeding.

Now you know, once you hear the sound of the bell the best thing you can do is walk away as quickly as possible.

Wandering spider

It is known as the banana spider because it is usually accidentally transported on shipments of bananas from plantation areas to supermarkets and homes.

Its venom-laden fangs, which only cause pains to paralysis of the heart, give it the label of one of Argentina’s most dangerous animals. They are very aggressive and attack with any stimulus.


Perhaps this animal is not that unknown to you due to its performances in multiple horror films and its association with vampires.

And yes, you were right: they are not only ugly but, like in movie scenes, they are just as dangerous to human beings. They attack at night, when they have better vision, to bite them and feed on their blood.

Although calm, their mortality is based more on the contagion of disease, as the poison they release is lethal.


Forget about all the ants you killed just by easing off, because this species is far from defenseless.

They live in swarms with thousands of other ants, and with their jaws they bite by injecting a venom stinger, causing burns and anaphylactic shock that can last up to 36 hours.

If you don’t want to have a bad time for a long time, or especially if you’re allergic, don’t invade their hive: They usually act in self-defense.


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