Wildlife experts in Pennsylvania try to determine animal species


A Pennsylvania woman who saw paw prints and followed them says she thought she was looking for her neighbor’s dog who might have escaped, but what she found was a mystery.

“I wasn’t entirely sure, but…he was scared and cold and all I could think of was that this animal needed help,” Christina Eyth said.

Eyth came upon the animal, which rescuers said seemed shy, but they still couldn’t visually determine if it was a dog or another type of animal like a coyote.

Eyth lives in Fairfield Township, Pennsylvania, so she decided to contact a local wildlife rescue group called Wildlife Works, Inc., who were able to take in the animal and provide medical attention.

Morgan Barron, a certified wildlife rehabilitation specialist who works at Wildlife Works, was also intrigued by the animal.

“Honestly, I can’t say for sure what it is,” Barron told WPIX.

Barron says the animals can carry rabies and said just to be sure, the clinic would order genetic testing, in addition to the other medical care they were providing for the animal.

Clinic experts, along with Eyth, said the animal was shy and scared and not aggressive. So they think it’s possible he’s a dog.

Genetic test results would take between two and four weeks to be returned, according to Wildlife Works.


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