Wildlife sightings have increased near Belagavi


Wildlife sightings have increased near Belagavi over the past fortnight.

Due to the ruthless destruction of forest cover and habitat destruction. Humans started building houses and resorts in the forest. Vast tracts of jungles have been converted to agricultural land.

A hyena was spotted near Modaga which is near Balekundri about 15 km from Belagavi. Striped hyenas do not attack humans but feed on carcasses left behind by predators or discarded by humans. Hyenas are sometimes spotted near villages, towns and cities. The population of striped hyenas is decreasing every year. Their status is an endangered species.

Another video of leopard emerged from Mudalgi where a leopard can take away a goat emerged. The immediate rescue of these beautiful animals is the need of the hour.

the elusive Leopard of the Belagavi golf course has not yet been found.

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representative image

A stag was seen moving in the village of Bhutramanhatti. He was scared and moved around trying to find a safe place.

As the forest cover shrinks with development. Highways and railways pass through virgin forests, the animals will soon disappear.



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