You Still Haven’t Seen BOTW’s Rarest Animals


Although Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for five years now, some of the animals in the game remain a mystery to gamers.

The animals of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild flesh out the empty plains of Hyrule that were deserted after the Calamity event. Between the horses grazing on the Great Plateau, the elk roaming Mount Hylia, and the trout swimming in the rivers of Faron, there is so little life in this once grand realm. However, some of these creatures are still hard to find for Link and players despite being integrated into game environments.

Their rarity is not without reason, of course. Chance encounters with BOTWBirds, fish and other animals are part of what makes exploring the game’s amazing world so much fun. Nothing beats the experience of bumping into Naydra the blue dragon among the glistening snows of Mount Naydra.


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However, dragons are far from the rarest animal encounters in BOTW, as long-time players of the game will know their spawn locations for dragon-scale farming. Some of the rarest animals in BOTW are actually with creatures that aren’t magical at all, even if their secrecy elevates them to mythical status. Here is a list of BOTWThe rarest animal players may not have seen yet.

BOTW’s Rarest Animal Encounters

Two of BOTWThe rarest animals are bears and the mountain lord. There are two species of bears in BOTW: the Honeyvore and the Grizzlemaw. What makes them both so rare is that they spawn in far-flung locations, whether in the Gerudo Highlands or deep within the Tabantha Frontier. Bear spawn rate in BOTW are also low, so finding both where the bears are breeding and then the bears themselves is a difficult task. The Mountain Lord – a mythical horse – is also hard to find for the same reason. Its location is on top of the remote Satori Mountain. What makes this encounter even rarer is that the Mountain Lord doesn’t always spawn, and there’s no apparent reason behind his spawning. All players can do is hope the horse will emit its green glow atop Mount Satori to signal its arrival.

Even rarer than these two animals is BOTWaward-winning fish, Sanke carp. What makes this brightly colored fish so hard to find is that it is both bred to be rare in The Legend of Zelda lore and is almost indistinguishable from other fish in the water. Reddit user DancyLawyer only found the Sanke Carp in his 50th game!

But the rarest animal of all in BOTW must be the rainbow pigeon. Captured by Reddit user def_not_Yoursthe rainbow pigeon was not found until its fourth playthrough five years after the game launched. Based on the comments that accompany the photo, few other players have yet found this beautiful flying bird, making it (at least anecdotally) breath of the wildit is rarest animal.

Source: DancyLawyer/Reddit, def_not_yours/reddit


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